Bowl-A-Thon, IL

The Max Harrison Strike Out ALS Bowl-a-thon and Walk To Defeat ALS, Springfield Illinois

When Max was diagnosed with ALS in April of 2002 he decided to take the time he had and create awareness of ALS Research and the need for Patient Services.  Max along with his KidCare Co-Workers established the Max Harrison Bowl a thon and The Walk to Defeat ALS in Springfield, Illinois.  The Bowl-a-thon continued for five years and the Walk to Defeat ALS still continues in Springfield, IL along with Max’s Austin Mob down in Texas.  Many hours along with blood, sweat and tears were spent in making these events happen. 

Thank you to Max, his family and all of the friends who volunteered their time to make these events possible.

 These are some of the most incredible memories we will ever have!

“I am with you because you remember me”-author unknown