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Max R. Harrison

September 21, 1970 – November 8, 2006 Max and Balloons

At 5:00 AM on 11/8/06, Max Harrison passed away and now lays in peaceful rest. “In Memory” thank you Max for showing us all what true strength and compassion is all about.

Max showed courage, character and most importantly a drive to help others while he himself was facing a challenge of a magnitude most of us will never know.

Our lives have been blessed to have a man within our midst to teach us the true meaning of making a difference for humanity. He taught the true meaning of generosity. It is easy to say nice things about someone after they pass but in this case you don’t have to reach for nice things to say. Max never complained about his own pain. He insisted on carrying his own weight at work. Max refused every effort that was made to do something for him personally with the funds that were raised.

He dedicated the last five years to helping others with his disease. Thank you Max for leading so many of us to accomplish your vision of humanity.

Friends of Max

Max and His Family
Max and his Family

Max with the silent Auction team
Max with the Silent Auction Team

ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a debilitating disease that affects many people. For Gulf War veterans, the affectation rate is twice that of non-veterans. This is the disease that had affected Max Harrison.

Lou Gehrig
Lou Gehrig

Max was a veteran of Desert Storm and true to that same spirit that lead him to sacrifice for his nation, in his memory we will seek to continue to raise money for those who live with this disease. Max did not accept any of the money raised for his own direct care or needs. All of the proceeds raised by the Strike Out ALS Bowl-A-Thon and Max’s Ride have been donated to the ALS Association.

Continue to support those striving to find a cure for this terrible disease by becoming involved with an ALS event in your area. Thank You!