ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is Rocking the U.S.A.

I’m sure many of you are wondering what the big who ha is about on this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Well, since Max was diagnosed in April of 2002 we have had some minor annual media coverage on ALS. Persons diagnosed traditionally lose their battle in 2-5 years, and it is very hard to keep the topic of ALS on the forefront of peoples minds unless they have been personally touched by this beast. Prior to Max, I admit, I knew of “Lou Gehrig’s disease” but had no real clue.  Since Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech over 75 years ago, very few breakthroughs in testing, research or treatment have occurred.  ALS is an extremely unknown and underfunded disease.  Max’s did all he could from the date of diagnosis until his death to raise awareness and funding.

I’ve seen many amazing people die because of ALS and it is awful every time. I have not grown immune to the hardships and unfair product of ALS and I never will. This ice bucket challenge is doing so much in raising awareness and much needed funds so Thank You All! We hope for a cure and until then we will continue to fight for those who are no longer able. Together we do make a difference! Who would have thought the difference a little ice water could make.

Keep those challenges rolling,  the donations coming in and KEEP ON SMILING!!!

~WhitneyIce done