January 19, 2013 Cowboy Harley-Davidson’s Chili Cook Off

For the past six years, the Harley’s Heroes program has been part of the annual Max’s Ride ALS celebration.  After our opening ceremonies, with our Salute to the Military and the bikes roll out, the Harley’s Heroes, Disabled American Veterans, Mobile Services Office, (DAV-MSO) remains at Cowboy Harley-Davidson of Austin to assist Veterans and their families.

The Harley’s Heroes program is a true celebration of the camaraderie and spirit of our local veterans, those that have fought for our freedom and independence.  The mission of Harley’s Heroesis to reach out to veterans of all generations to show the high honor the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and Harley-Davidson have for their service and sacrifice to our country.

Local veterans have been invited to attend and connect with DAV National Service Officers who will provide free benefits counseling to those veterans who suffer from service-connected injuries but may have never filed a claim for benefits or have found it difficult working through the red tape.

The DAV-MSO also utilizes donations to be able to continue touring and assisting our Veterans and their families.  We need your help!  January 19th is slated as the Harley’s Heroes, DAV-MSO fundraising cook off at Cowboy Harley-Davidson of Austin.  I invite all of you Chili lovers to come out and sample our Max’s Ride ALS chili entry “Matt’s Slow Burn Special”. Help us win the “Peoples Choice Award”.

Should be a day of fun filled day!  What better than a Chili Cook off in January!  Come on out and help support the Harley’s Heroes DAV-MSO and get yourself pre-registered for Max’s Ride & Concert for ALS VII!