Max’s Ride Wrap Up – Opening Ceremonies

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the 4th Annual Max’s Ride!  During opening ceremonies and our Salute to the Military, Guardian Bells also known as Road Bells, were to be awarded to the 1stBranch member pre registered from each of our Military branches:Army-Charles Given

Air Force- Joel Porter

Coast Guard-Bill Churchill

Marines-Dave Walz

Navy-Mark Walker deferred to Scott Phelps (Mark won the bell last year)

Not all bell awardees were on site for opening ceremonies.  Also, in my error, I regretfully did not announce the Coast Guard winner. (I had misplaced an important list to assist with opening ceremonies and it threw me a little off track). This is our first year to have a member of the Coast Guard participating!  We Thank You Mr. Churchill and I deeply apologize for omitting you and the Coast Guard from the announcements.

What is a Guardian/Road Bell you ask?

Legend has it, the Evil Road Spirits (also know as Road Trolls) have been latching themselves on to motorcycles for as long as there have been bikes on the road.  These Evil Road Spirits are responsible for mechanical problems, pot holes, oil spills and bad luck along a journey.  Legend goes on to say that by attaching a small bell on your bike, the Evil Road Spirits will hear the bell ringing and be drawn to the sound.  They then become trapped inside the bell where the constant ringing drives them insane, making them lose their grip on the bike. 

Legend has it that the Guardian/Road bell carries twice as much power when it is purchased by a friend or loved one and is given as a gift.  Max’s Ride has carried the tradition on and presents these gifts to our Veterans every year.

 Thank you Veterans, we are honored you’ve joined us for another year!

If you missed this years Max’s Ride, don’t fret, we are always accepting donations and will have information for the 5th Annual Max’s Ride & Concert available soon.  Be sure to check back here for additional Max’s Ride Wrap Up Posts.


Photo taken by Dan Emerson